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Specialized in headhunting and consultation for over 20 years, Cloudhunt has four branches  in Shanghai, Beijing,Xiamen and Quanzhou , respectively.
Headhunter Service specializing in the high-end talent recommendations in the following five careers in East China: Marketing, Finance, HR, Operating, Forensics&Audit.

  • Focus on five major functions

    Focus on 5 major functions, giving an initial candidate List in 1-3 days.

  • Deep searching area

    Deeply searching in the East China region with a highly sophisticated map of talent reserves.

  • Accurate recommendation

    Our senior consultant recommends the talent to client after the one-on-one interview to ensure more than 30% success rate of recommendation.

  • National talent search

    National talent search, providing full dimension talent selection.

  • Value-added services

    Provide the latest industry compensation reference;
    Provide the latest mobility of industry executives;
    Provide reference and opinions for the organizational structure of industrial enterprises;
    Provide background investigation service.

  Cloudhunt boasts a young, pioneering, sharp-minded and vigorous team, who are energetic, personalized and pragmatic, marching forward for their dreams.
  If you are creative, confident in learning capacity, trustful in the truth of “attitude is everything” and willing to be a professional in the field by hard work, then, we will provide you a good platform for realizing your dreams. Let us join hands for our bright future!