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  Specialized in headhunting and consultation for over 20 years, Cloudhunt has four branches in Shanghai, Bejing, Xiamen and Quanzhou, respectively.
Company Name Job Title Work Place Annual Salary Status
Top 500 Group Companies CFO Work Place:Zhejiang Province Annual Salary: 100-120w Status:
Famous Internet enterpris COO Work Place:Shanghai Annual Salary: 80-100w Status:
Large Internet unicorns HRBP Work Place:Shanghai Annual Salary: 40-60w Status:
Famous Internet enterpris Training expert Work Place:hangzhou Annual Salary: 20-40w Status:
Sr.Accounting Manager Tax manager Work Place:Shanghai、 hangzhou Annual Salary: 40-70w Status:
a large medical company CMO Work Place:Shanghai Annual Salary: 200-250w Status:
Famous Internet com Marketing GM Work Place:Shanghai Annual Salary: 90-120w Status:

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